The Elanthian Times
Volume Three, Issue 1 -- Spring/Summer 5102
Letter from the Editors

Editor's note: Much of this issue might seem a little, well... dated... Due to a lack of submissions received because of a problem with our email forwarding, along with a host of other delays, we weren't able to publish this issue when we originally intended. For that, we apologize. We hope to restore a more regular schedule to things and hopefully fix our email issues, so we can get things rolling again. Thanks for your patience.

Spring has sprung and we're still making every effort to get back on the ball and get the Times released in a much more timely, and regular, fashion. Promise.

We've had a lot of requests to being back the Merchant's Market section, which was basically an Elanthian classifieds sort of thing. We'd love to, really. However, to do so, we need the submissions to do it. It's hard to justify adding a section, especially when the page would be barren save for a few dozen words. So, that said, if you really want to see the Merchant's Market return, send stuff to us! Stuff that would go well in a section like that would be event announcements, like for weddings, Solstice parties, someone's birthday, or even a large auction you might be holding some time down the road.

On the down side, the Times doesn't come out every month (or, lately, even every quarter) so stuff NOT to send us is important to note as well. Don't send us announcements for a party you're having next week, or for an auction you're having tomorrow. Hopefully, you can figure out what to send and what not to send with a minimum of effort. Just like always, any submissions sent to the Merchant's Market will not receive any of the normal compensation for submissions, other than the massive amount of fame and respect folks get for having stuff published in the Times (fame, what fame? -- Brakian).

Speaking of submissions, it would do well for us to mention something about all submissions: Make sure it's in-genre, or relevant in some way, if it's not precisely in-genre. Some, but not a lot, of the contributions we've received are fairly borderline, as far as being acceptable. We try to be lenient, but there always comes a time when we have to be more strict about what we can and can't use, especially with submissions that are a little too far onto the other side of what we're looking to publish.

Also, regarding submissions... Lately, we've received a lot of emails that are simply suggestions for articles and columns that we should write and publish in the Times. Sadly, we don't have the resources to write any of the article ideas we're receiving. It's not that we don't feel the ideas are worthy of publication, far from it. We simply don't have the capabilities to do so.

So, to answer this concern, we've revised the submission guidelines to formalize an informal policy we've held toward such suggestions. If you have an idea, either for an article or an ongoing column, you must treat it like any other submission. This means, for us to consider it seriously for publication, we must have the article in question, completed and ready for publication. Any correspondence that is simply a suggestion for an article or column will, unfortunately, be read and discarded, and no action will be taken. To reiterate, it's not that we don't want to use the ideas. We simply don't have the resources to imnplement any ideas that aren't accompanied by a full-fledged submission.

We may, at some point, be able to accept and implement suggestions we receive in this method. However, at this point, we do not have any on-staff copy writers, or Staff Writers who aren't already involved in projects that take up the bulk of their time.

Also regarding submissions, a quote from the Submission Guidelines:
Make sure the material is well written and in a usable format. Double check your spelling, grammar and style so that it won't require more than a moderate amount of editing. Be sure to spellcheck your articles before you send them to us. Separate paragraphs by 2 carriage returns. Type only ONE space after periods, not TWO. Do not use TABS to indent paragraphs.

Do not send us submissions with elaborate formatting, especially formatting that uses TABs extensively. Do not indent paragraphs, either with TABs or spaces. The sheer amount of time we've recently had to spend reformatting articles has become incredibly limiting. In the future,unfortunately, any submissions we receive that do not follow the submission guidelines will be returned to the author for editing and reformatting.

This also includes any and all article submissions that would require more than what the editorial staff considers "minimal" editing, as well as any and all articles that do no include the header information as indicated in the Submission Guidelines.

If you've submitted something recently, and you don't see it in the Times, one of two things has happened. The required header information was not attached, or we're going to use it in a future issue. If you don't see it in this issue, feel free to resend it to us, with all the required information.